How to use an Android phone with a gas station in one week

Gas stations and convenience stores are popping up everywhere these days, with some having online ordering options as well.

In New York City alone, we’ve seen a whopping 3,000 convenience stores and gas stations open their doors in just the last week.

The online ordering option, known as the “White Label Exchange,” allows you to purchase an item from one of these stores, then pick it up at your local gas station.

The store then returns it to you for a flat fee.

And as of now, the app is limited to just about a dozen gas stations.

Here’s how to use the app and order items from them: Enter your ZIP code and click “Add Item” in the upper-right corner.

A list of participating gas stations will appear.

Click “Add to Cart” to add an item to your cart.

Click the check-out button to confirm that you have all the required details.

Select your desired item.

The order confirmation email will arrive in your inbox.

When you arrive at your nearest gas station, check out the items you purchased.

If your purchase does not arrive at the gas station within two working days, contact customer service.

The White Label Exchange is available for a few more days and will allow you to order items like hot dogs and pizzas from the participating gas station to receive a refund.

The company claims the service has already reached over 10,000 gas stations in NYC.