U.S. President Donald Trump announces U.N. sanctions on North Korea


N President Teresa May says the United States has approved a draft resolution that will call on the North Korean government to immediately halt its nuclear and missile development program.

She says it will also call for the reopening of embassies in China and the United Kingdom.

May says the U.K. and China are “the most important partners” of the United Nations, and the North should “immediately” halt its development program of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

North Korea has repeatedly denied its nuclear ambitions.

On Thursday, May said the U,S.

and others need to show the North’s commitment to international law.

She said it would be “deeply disappointing” if the North failed to implement the draft resolution.

North Korea, North Korea’s only major ally, has long been criticized for its human rights abuses.

The U. N. Security Council imposed sanctions on the country in 2013 and again in January this year after it tested a hydrogen bomb.