Who will be next to be ousted in Turkey?

The coup attempt on Sunday has killed more than 40 people, including the commander of the armed forces, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the head of the military, General Hulusi Akar.

More than 250 others were wounded.

The coup, which has been condemned by the United States, the European Union and the European Central Bank, was carried out by a network of pro-Kurdish and Islamist groups, including members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the main separatist group in Turkey.

A Kurdish nationalist group, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), was also involved in the attack.

“We’re deeply saddened by the coup attempt,” Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told a news conference on Sunday.

“The government must take swift action against those who committed this crime and punish those responsible.”

US President Donald Trump described the coup as “an absolute terror attack on the Republic of Turkey”.

The Turkish government has also said that the attack was carried, in part, out by “foreign agents”.

“This attack on our nation and democracy was carried by people who have no regard for the law,” Erdogan said in a televised address.

“This was an absolute terror strike against our country and democracy.”

The Turkish president has previously expressed regret at the attacks, saying they were aimed at destabilising Turkey.

But in his latest statement on Sunday, he added that he had nothing to do with the plot.

“I condemn this attempt and do not condone it,” Erdogan wrote.

“There is no place in our country for terrorists who commit such an attack against our citizens and democracy,” he said.

The United States and European Union condemned the attack and urged Turkey to “act decisively and decisively” to bring those responsible to justice.

Erdogan said he was in contact with US President Joe Biden.