The best gas stations in the US with our new Gas Spotting Guide

The US has over 6.5 billion people, with more than one in three living in cities.

In many places, this means that gas stations are ubiquitous.

Here are the best gas bars and restaurants in the country, with a detailed breakdown of the gas prices you can find in each.

The best places to get gas in the U.S.

The most important thing to know about gas prices is that they vary wildly from state to state, and that the best places are often hidden in the suburbs and rural areas.

While the average price of a gallon of regular gas is currently $2.25, prices can vary dramatically in many cities, and you can still find a gas station that will set you back a whopping $2 per gallon.

The chart below shows the most expensive gas stations across the country.

These stations are often very hard to find, so be sure to take a few minutes to find the closest one you can afford.